10 Must Watch - Courses for Web Developers

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Curated top list of useful screencast and courses

1. JavaScript Best Practices

From Code School: “Become a more informed, conscientious user of JavaScript as you explore time-tested, useful techniques that will improve legibility, performance quality, and safety in your scripts.”

2. DevFreeCasts

A huge collection of free screencast for developers ranging from nodes.js, angular, web technologies to app development to application development languages like java, etc.,

3. Learn to Code Advanced HTML & CSS

Learn to Code Advanced HTML & CSS takes a deeper look at front-end design and development, expanding on what is covered in the beginner’s guide. Studying modern front-end development, this guide teaches the latest for any designer looking to round out their front-end skills.

4. Code Avengers

Why just use technology? When you can create it. Learn to build websites, apps and games with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. That’s what they say!

Choose from 100 hours of lessons on how to code.

5. JS Must Watch

A GitHub repo with a collection of JavaScript videos, categorized by year.

6. Must-Watch CSS

Another useful repo, this time focused on CSS videos, again listed by year.

7. An Introduction to APIs

An 8-part series on the concepts of APIs, with stuff here from beginner to advanced.

8. Web Performance Crash Course

A YouTube playlist of Fluent 2013 videos by Ilya Grigorik on website performance.

9. A to Z CSS

A really well produced screencast series covering various topics on CSS.

10. The Magic of CSS

CSS is a mess. We all love it, but it’s a mess. I liken it to English: there are a bunch of rules, and you can learn them. But sometimes you’re better off just trying shit and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Magic is a codification of what I’ve learned in that crazy process.

If you think you have a better list or something which I miss, sharing it with me on Twitter would be of great help!