Books I Read in 2015

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I don’t actually have a habit of reading books, but I read a lot of articles from blog. I got into a habit of reading physical books late in 2013 & the feeling was unique.

You watch a movie, you are feeding your mind with the visuals you see. But when you read a book it let your mind imagine the scene happing on that particular sentence and that’s why I hope most of the people love reading books over movies.

I always believe in small and progressive goals than setting something high and end up with an disappointment of not winning(which may sometimes let you not to try that goal every again in your life), So I set a goal of reading 6 books in 2015. It wasn’t a tough challenge but I kinda feel happy when I complete my goal.

I’m planning to set a reading challenge every year and write about my accomplishment, the books I read & my opinion. This is first post in the series. Here is the set of books I read in 2015

1. Javascript: The Good Parts

by Douglas Crockford

I love Javascript like most web developer does, The first book I bought for learning Javascript is ‘Javascript The Definitive Guide’ a big book of course holds many useful information, but I feel that I made a mistake by purchasing a big book rather than starting with a small one. Reason being I got bored when I read the definitive guide as its so massive explain things in a detailed manner than a short understandable manner for beginner.

Good parts is fairly small book which holds nearly the main concepts of Javascript and of course only the good parts. I thought that’s enough for a beginner to learn the great things first and then try to optimise the way they code by skipping the bad parts.

2. You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going

by Kyle Simpson

You Don’t Know JS - That’s kinda pointing at me, I took it not in a negative but treat it as positive that If I read the book I can say “I Know JS”. So I bought first three books in the series of YDKJS

Another small book and very interesting indeed, Kyle had a style of explaining things short and provide with a nice example for the user to get a grasp of what he is trying to communicate.

3. Scope and Closures

by Kyle Simpson

After reading the first book of YDKJS by Kyle I can’t stop to open the next book in the series which turn out to be a good treasure to find out some nitty gritty parts about the scope and closures which is the most important part of Javascript.

4. Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

by Brain Tracy

Man this book is one master piece, it changed my life. One of my client recommended this book I just bought it to check what’s in it, which turned out to be a best book I read after “Rework" by Jason Fred. Everything in the book is organised and it will make you organise in your tasks, Focus on major things and the 21 ways is the way to success.

I strongly recommend this book to people in all fields to grow up to the next level in their career.

5. Learning Javascript Design Patterns

by Addy Osmani

After learning good parts, know how things work from YDKJS first two books, I took the Design patterns book which I purchased but not read for sometime. I feel that it’s correct time to read about design patterns and apply in some of my code. The book is not only for learning design patterns, it gives me ideas to think of the way I should write the code before even coding.

“You follow a design pattern which suits your need and you are already avoiding problems and writing a well organized code”

6. Wings of Fire: An Autobiography

by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Arun Tiwari (Contributor)

Pretty inspiring story of boy from small village in Tamilnadu growing to rocket man who put India in the top countries which excels in Missile & Rocket Technology.

PS: This is just quick post which I manage to do it, Will add more details soon.