👋 Hi, This is my personal wiki I try to write things and structure them so that I can use them for my reference, and maybe everyone can benefit from reading them or even referencing them. This is based on the concept of the Digital Garden / Second Brain.

Each folder has a topic and under it, you will see related topics.

I will be updating this wiki quite often as I use it myself as both an account of things I know as well as things I want to know and everything in between.

A gardening guide for your mind

This is what a gardening guide for your mind would look like:

  • Seeds. Seed your garden with quality content and cultivate your curiosity. Plant seeds in your mind garden by taking smart personal notes (taking raw notes is useless). These don't need to be written in a publishable form.

  • Trees. Grow your knowledge by forming new branches and connecting the dots. Write short structured notes articulating specific ideas and publish them in your digital garden. One note in your digital garden = one idea. (what you're currently reading is such a note) Do not keep orphan notes. Thread your thoughts.

  • Fruits. Produce new work. These are more substantial— essays, videos, maybe a book at some point. The kind of work researchers and creatives may hope will help them live beyond their expiration date.

Networked thinking can happen at many levels. A digital garden is a scalable way to transform seeds of information into original work and to go from collector to creator.

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