• Gut microbiome - ecosystem which break down food, product important nutrients, regulate immune system and fight against harmful germs

  • Env, Antobiotics, C-section

  • Diet - Pay attention to what we eat can change the diversity

  • Dietary fiber - fruits, veg, nuts, legumes, whole grains is the best fuel for gut bacteria

  • When bacteria break down fiber it produces short chain fatty acids that nourish the gut barrier, improve immune function, prevent inflammation which reduces the risk of cancer.

  • More fiber you ingest the more fiber-digesting bacteria colonize your gut.

  • Fast food increases inflammation, decrease in butyrate. Low fiber means less fuel for the gut bacteria. Starving to die off. This creates less bacteria and hungry bacteria even feed on mucus lining.

  • Fruits, Veg, Tea, Coffee, Red wine, Dark chocolate increased bacterial diversity. These foods contains Polyphenols - naturally occurring antioxidant compounds.

  • Minimally process, less cooked is more beneficial.

  • Probiotics - Fermented foods - Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria. Yogurt, Curd, etc.


Simple explanation

  • Calorie in < Calorie Out = Weight loss

  • More exercise, Eat less = Weight loss

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