Logesh Paul


Four pillars method for goals (Came up with this on 2022)
Create goals based on the these 4 categories and track on yearly, monthly and weekly basis.
  • Health
  • Social / Personal
  • Finance
  • Career

SMART Goal Technique

  • Specific – The more narrowly defined your goal, the better you will know the steps to achieve it
  • Measurable – If your goal is measurable and has a money value, you can track your progress against it.
  • Achievable – It is always better to make sure that you can reasonably attain your goal. If it’s not achievable, it will always be out of reach
  • Realistic – You should have confidence that you can realistically achieve your goal with all the resources available to you.
  • Time-bound – without a time value, a goal becomes open ended, and you could lose the motivation to achieve it