Finding your Passion, Purpose of Life

Published on: 2019-07-18

We keep hearing these words "Find your passion" from people, from different media sources, and even from famous quotes like the one below

Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life — Confucius

How to find your passion/purpose in life? is one of the most difficult question, but there is a Japanese concept called "ikigai" which can be of help.

All you have to do is answer 4 questions.

  • What you love.

  • What you are good at.

  • What the world needs.

  • What you get paid for.

It's hard to answer the above questions too, but try to put up a list of items under each section and choose the one which best fits you or start working towards it.

If you have list ready,

  • The first level of intersection gives you the basic elements(Passion, Profession, Mission, Vocation).

  • The second level intersections give you feelings.

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Let's say for example "What you love?: is helping others" & "What the world needs?: is to end hunger"; If you do that you will feel "Delight and fullness, but no wealth".

You can't live without wealth, so it's really important to settle in the middle to attain fulfillment/purpose in life. In Japanese terms, you will attain your "ikigai" aka "a reason for being" if you settle in the sweet spot on the middle.

I appreciate your time & good luck finding your ikigai.

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