What is debounce?

What is debounce?

The term debounce comes from electronics. When you’re pressing a button, let’s say on your TV remote, the signal travels to the microchip of the remote so quickly that before you manage to release the button, it bounces, and the microchip registers your “click” multiple times.

To mitigate this, once a signal from the button is received, the microchip stops processing signals from the button for a few microseconds while it’s physically impossible for you to press it again.


function debounce(func, timeout = 300){
  let timer;
  return (...args) => {
    timer = setTimeout(() => { func.apply(this, args); }, timeout);
function saveInput(){
  console.log('Saving data');
const processChange = debounce(() => saveInput());
function debounce(func, timeINMS) {
  let timeout;

  return function () {
    timeout = setTimeout(func, timeINMS);

let debouncedHello = debounce(() => console.log("say hello", Date.now()), 800);

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